Welcome to Albert-Schweitzer-Schule!


Albert-Schweitzer-Schule, located in the heart of Kassel, is a typical German “Gymnasium” in so far as it is a mixed secondary comprehensive school which provides access to higher education. Today, about 1000 students attend our school from years 5 to 12. However, from entrance year 2014 on, our students will graduate after year 13.

The regular school week from Monday to Friday starts at 8:00 and ends between 1:15 and 3:30. During that time, our cafeteria team serves warm meals, cold and hot drinks, salads and snacks. The curriculum is balanced with a wide-ranging co-curricular programme to provide an educational experience of exceptional choice and diversity. In the afternoons, there are courses ranging from arts to sports, from creative writing to history workshops. In addition, there is a homework club and extra training for core subject skills. Such programmes allow pupils to develop their appreciation of these subjects, which can in turn improve and develop creativity and thinking skills when transferred into the traditional academic subjects.

Moreover, Albert-Schweitzer-Schule is one of thirty-three European Schools (“Europaschulen”) in the federal state of Hesse with a focus on science at the same time.

As a European School (certified “Europaschule”), we offer a high degree of international orientation. For example, we encourage our students to study several foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin), to take part in exchange programmes or go on trips to England, France, Italy, Poland and Switzerland, and to participate in literature and reading competitions in English and French. We offer bilingual teaching and the acquisition of internationally acknowledged language certificates ( Cambridge Certificate , Delf).

Affiliated with Albert-Schweitzer-Schule and in closest proximity, there is a unique research centre where students from Kassel have the chance to work individually on projects in the fields of astronomy, geophysics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer sciences and technology, mentored by university students and teachers. The centre also offers lectures and courses, as well as fully equipped laboratories, a workshop, an electron microscope, and an observatory. This centre developed from the school's physics club and today, its student researchers analyse the dye used by pharaohs or the surface structure of ice and take part in national as well as international competitions.

Should you have any requests, do not hesitate to contact us via email (poststelle@ass.kassel.schulverwaltung.hessen.de). You can also find links to pictures, texts and videos (sorry, available in German only) to have a more comprehensive overview of our school life.

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